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2018 Race Schedule

Races are held each Monday on Upper/Lower Main unless otherwise noted. Make-up races are held on the first available Thursday after a missed race.

Date      Race      Location *

Jan-29  GS#1   Sierra@Tahoe  

Feb-1  GS#2/SL#1 Sierra@Tahoe

Feb-5  GS#3/SL#2 Sierra@Tahoe 

​Feb-12  SL#3      Sierra@Tahoe - Upper Sleighride/Escape

  • Awards Banquet date 2/12/18 - approx. 2 hrs after the race.  Time tba

*Make-up races are held the first available Thursday following the missed race.

2018 South 1 Volunteer Schedule
Teams are responsible for providing volunteers to assist with the races on their scheduled dates.  Volunteers will receive a complimentary lift ticket from South 1 for their use only if necessary​. Ticket may need to be shared between volunteers if duties are shared.  Volunteers must check in with the Division Coordinator or Scorekeeper(s) in the lodge by 8 am on the day of the race.  

Click here for Volunteer Instructions to review duties.

Rearranging may occur pending race schedule changes and needs!  
Race volunteers may contact Lesley Vardanega : for confirmation and further info. 
We will orient you in the lodge before the races and provide support during the races.  Novices welcome!

​Race       School            Liner up*          Scoreboard

​Race 1     Oak Ridge            2                       2

Race 2     El Dorado             1                       1
​    +
Race 3     Ponderosa           1                        1

Race 4    Oak Ridge            2                       
​   +          Golden Sierra                                 1
Race 5    Union Mine                                     1
Race 6     Am/Ar                                             1
​                El Dorado                                       1
                Ponderosa            2                        

* Must be able to ski or board to lineup. Scoreboard volunteers may need to ski, board or hike to the finish if race venue changes.  Races are scheduled on Lower Main. 
Gatekeeper Schedule and Information
In addition the athletes formal training, Coaches are to review the Reminder List (below) with your gatekeepers prior to each race.

School Start Order
Click on the link below to view the scheduled start order.  Each Class will have it's own School Start Order.  Whichever school went first for the final race of the previous season will go last for the first race of the new season.  After that, the schools go in alphabetical order for the remainder of the season's races.   Double headers will be treated as 2 separate races when possible.  Order may change or skip ahead if a school does not have a racer for the day they are scheduled to start first.  

​     (updated 2/7/18)   
Estimated States Championships Qualifier "Cutoff Line"
Click on the link below to view the estimated Cutoff line for States Championships Qualifiers for each Varsity Class. This is an estimate only based upon the number of racers from school rosters and an estimate of the number of racers actually starting 2 of the 3 races in the discipline. However, this information may provide coaches/racers a key opportunity to determine what performance level may be necessary for a racer to qualify for States Championships. Please also see the FAQs for important information for how States Championships Qualifiers are determined.  

See for States schedules