CNISSF - South 1
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~ Race Schedule Change Alerts & Announcements ~
Congratulation to All the Championship Qualifiers
Good Luck at Mt Shasta

Check back frequently for updates and announcements

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*Please note that due to snow and weather conditions we have set aside Thursday(s) 
each week for make-up races if necessary. Division policy is that a make-up race is held on the 
FIRST AVAILABLE THURSDAY following a missed race. 

Check with your coaches for practice dates.

!!!Weather Alerts!!!
Always check the weather forecast prior to a race and make sure you are prepared for a day outside in the elements including a rain poncho. Weather in the mountains can change quickly and unpredictably. 

Who Are We?
CNISSF is a subset of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). South 1 is one of six geographically oriented Divisions in the state.

Mission Statement
To provide High Schools with the opportunity to field teams for Alpine Racing, including:
  • Womens Ski - Giant Slalom and Slalom 
  • Mens Ski - Giant Slalom and Slalom
  • Womens Snowboard - Giant Slalom and Slalom
  • Mens Snowboard - Giant Slalom and Slalom